Terrifying Footage Shows Plane Landing So Hard Passengers Feared ‘Landing Gear Would Snap’

While most people understand the sense of fear one can get in the seconds before a plane lands, nobody understands it more than the passengers of this Ryanair flight that landed violently on the tarmac of Leeds Bradford Airport in England.

A video posted by passenger Craig Cullinan documents the horrifying moments before and after the plane’s landing, with the camera being jolted forward as passengers can be heard screaming in the background. The Boeing 737-800 aircraft was traveling from Fuerteventura in the Canaray Islands, and was filled with passengers coming home from vacation. Unfortunately for them, their flight was not the relaxing end to their trip that they intended.

In his caption of the video, Cullinan says, “I have flown for many years, and this has had to be the first landing where I have thought the main gear was going to collapse. Frightening experience.” The force with which the plane landed on the tarmac is palpable in the video, which shows Cullinan’s phone video being thrust forward upon impact, followed by violent shaking as the pilot tried to regain control.

Cullinan describes the event further in his caption:

“Pilot was fighting to keep control of the aircraft and not too sure if he came in [too] quick and too high thus having to force the aircraft down into the tarmac, or if he was too slow, lost lift and resulted in the aircraft ‘falling’ out of the sky. Difficult to say without knowing speed or height. Once on tarmac, the pilot fought to regain control of the aircraft, and we were thrown from left to right trying to straighten up.”

Although it was a terrifying and violent landing, thankfully the plane did get back to the gate without any damage or injuries to passengers. The force of the wind experienced by this flight is not exactly unusual for Leeds Bradford airport, which happens to be the highest elevated airport in the U.K. Aircrafts that land in this part of the country tend to be subject to strong winds more often than anywhere else, and this is what led this particular flight to feel as though it were going to “drop from the sky directly onto the tarmac”.

Ryanair responded to the events, saying that, “The aircraft experienced cross winds on approach to Leeds Bradford airport and landed normally and safely.” The airline added that “there was never any danger of the landing gear collapsing.”

Although the landing may not have seemed exactly normal to the passengers, all are likely very thankful that the pilot was able to combat the headwinds and land without injury. As for us, this video has thoroughly scared us from flying for quite a while… we may just stick to trains and cars for the next few months.

Unfortunately, this story is not the only one of its kind. If you think being on this flight would be horrifying, then you probably can’t even imagine being on this AirAsia flight, were the pilot told passengers to ‘pray for survival’ after the airplane started shaking uncontrollably.

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