Teen’s Mugshot Goes Viral Because Of Her Incredible Makeup Skills

Why does it seem that we're always attracted to the bad boy or the bad girl? There's just something about the fantasy of a criminal that stirs a bit of passion, isn't there? Perhaps it's the Bonnie and Clyde complex, but nothing seems to get the internet more hot and bothered than a particularly attractive mugshot.

I'm sure we all remember the incredibly hot felon, Jeremy Meeks. He was a member of the Crips and was arrested in 2014. After the police posted his mugshot online, it went viral and spawned the nickname "hot felon" as well as the hashtag #MugshotBae.

While Meeks served 27 months in prison for felony charges of possessing an illegal firearm and grand theft, due to his internet celebrity status, he became a model after he was released from jail last year. He was recently described by Vogue as a "buff bad boy" after a New York Fashion Week performance.

However, now there's a new #MugshotBae on the block. Marshala Perkin was recently arrested for marijuana possession, but after the internet caught sight of the self-taught makeup artist's mugshot, many were demanding her release so that they could get a beauty tutorial!

Her mugshot has gotten hundreds of thousands of likes on Twitter with many comments pouring in to tell her how gorgeous she looks and others asking the felon to share her makeup secrets.

Perkin explained to Buzzfeed exactly what happened the day she got arrested. Apparently, she had parked her car in a handicap parking space because her mother had a badge and Perkin often drives her around town to run errands.


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