Teenagers Heartbreaking Final Text To Her Dad Before Being Killed In Speedboat Accident

When tragedy strikes and a surviving family is left to grieve, it is all too easy to become obsessive over the last moments of correspondence. When we mourn we turn over and over the last spoken words, and if the death was sudden and unexpected, we berate ourselves for their mundanity. We berate ourselves for wasting precious time and breath on platitudes and clichés, and we know that the last sentence, last moment will never leave us.

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But few people actually have to suffer the misfortune of being able to hold those last words in our hands, to read them on a screen and know that they will always be there, indelible and unforgettable. But that's exactly the same fate which befell Clive and Debbie Gardner.

Gardner received a heartbreaking text message from his daughter mere hours before she died in a disastrous speedboat accident. To see the message, which has gone viral over Facebook this week, click on page two below. 


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