Teenager Who Once Weighed 310 Lbs Lost Half Of His Body Weight With This Simple Trick

Losing weight as a morbidly obese person must be incredibly difficult. While I also went through my own weight loss journey when I was a teenager, I’ll never know what it’s like to lose more than 55 lbs and the thought processes that must come with radically changing your diet.

Those who are morbidly obese have obviously become accustomed to a very dangerous lifestyle. Some experts even liken this to addiction. Our favorite junk foods trigger an emotional response in us that makes us want to indulge in more of these unhealthy meals until our desire for these foods becomes insatiable.

However, some ultra dedicated people do manage to break out of the cycle and transform their bodies beyond recognition. One such person is 17-year-old schoolboy Elliott Hulse.

“At school I’d go and raid the vending machines and eat the brownies and cookies out of it. Then when I got home I’d root around in the fridge and find something to eat before and after tea. I went from a 50 inch waist to a 40, then down to a 36, 34 and now I’m a 32.”

It’s not uncommon for morbidly obese people to decide that surgery is the only attainable option

“I only ever thought about surgery. For me, I’d never really want to go through an operation because I knew that I could lose the weight on my own, and surgery can actually be more damaging,

For months people didn’t realize that I was losing weight. I didn’t tell anyone about it but half way through the year a girl in school said that I was looking well.”

Elliot had once weighed 310 lbs, but he ended up losing half of his bodyweight and he did it all on his own! He knew surgery wasn’t for him, he wanted to improve his health and fitness the old-fashioned way, but there was one major thing that helped him along the way.

It’s likely that most of those who attempt to lose weight having been going about it the wrong way. It’s not all about calorie counting and intense workouts at the gym.

In fact, Elliott maintains that it wasn’t his workouts or the changes he made to his diet that were the crucial factors in his transformation. According to the teenager, the key to weight loss is actually pretty basic. All he had to do is drink more water

” The key for me was drinking water, it was such a big part in the process of losing weight. I would drink up to two liters a day.”

Not only did Elliot have the drive to kickstart his incredible weight loss journey, he also had the willpower and perseverance to keep on going even when it appeared hopeless: “I know that people give up if they have a couple of bad days, but that shouldn’t make a difference.”

Elliot knew from the very beginning that changing his lifestyle wouldn’t be easy. Before you even think about making any physical changes to your body, you have to be prepared to change your whole perception about food.

“You never gained all the weight in a few days and you can definitely lose it. I don’t think anyone wanted to say anything because I think they didn’t want to sound mean.”

Well done to Elliot Hulse for losing an incredible amount of weight at such a young age. I know firsthand how difficult it is even thinking about drastically changing your diet, and so the fact that this young man has achieved such an impressive feat all on his own will hopefully inspire other young people who have struggled with their weight.

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