Teenage Waitress Cuts Up Food For Customer And Is Rewarded In The Best Possible Way

Sometimes it can feel like the world is a cruel place. Everyone is wrapped up in their own problems and no one seems to have time to help out anyone else. However, there are still some kind people among us, and 18-year old Evoni Williams is one of them.

Check out Evoni’s incredible reward in the video below:

Her story of extending a simple act of kindness to a stranger is incredible and proves that you really do get what you give, ten-fold! Her good deed, which she probably expected nothing in return for doing was massively rewarded beyond her wildest dreams.

Williams had been working in a La Marque, Texas waffle house in order to save money for school. The high school graduate could not afford to go to college immediately and so she had gotten the job in July of 2017.

She was working her regular shift on a seemingly normal day when she met 78-year-old Adrien Charpentier. The man was a customer and had simply come in to order a meal, but due to a medical condition, Charpentier struggled to eat his breakfast.

Charpentier was on oxygen, couldn’t to breathe properly, and as a result was fairly weak. His hands were also not working well, which he mentioned to Williams, and so he found it difficult to cut up his meal into smaller pieces so that it would be easier to chew.

Without hesitation, Williams began to cut up Charpentier’s ham on his plate. The fleeting moment of kindness was coincidently captured in a photograph taken by Laura Wolf.

Wolf just happened to be in the waffle house, enjoying her own meal at the same time. She snapped the picture of the sweet moment and uploaded it to her Facebook page. The response was overwhelming, with the post gaining 121,000 likes and 68,000 shares.

The moment had gone viral and people from all over the world were responding with comments, praising Williams for her good deed and showing that everyone values a simple act of kindness.

Karma for good deeds is swift, and after Texas Southern University got word of Williams’ good nature, the school offered her a $16,000 scholarship and provided her with a counselor to help Williams out while she plans to study business management.

As if that wasn’t enough, the mayor of La Marque declared a day in Williams’ honor. March 8, 2018, was proclaimed to be Evoni Nini Williams Day. The mayor announced that Williams is “a blessing to all those she serves in her job.”

She received her special day “because of her willingness to serve others and of her giving heart to help those who come in contact with her, therefore… we hereby proclaim March 8, 2018, as Evoni Nini Williams Day.”

Williams was overwhelmed and fought back tears at the proclamation of her very own day. She told cameras that her act of kindness was “something I would do any other day.”

We need more amazing people like Evoni Williams. Just think how great the world could be if we all spread a little kindness without expecting anything in return. You never know how much a small good deed means to someone else, and you never know when your good karma will be rewarded.

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