Teen Ended Her Life After Accidentally Sending Boyfriend A Snapchat Saying She Had Cheated

Relationships in your midteens are a minefield. It’s a time when you are starting to come into your own as an adult and making decisions that will affect the course of your life. With so much change going on at once, many teens are at risk of suffering from mental health problems.

Something which has been epitomized by the untimely death of 17-year-old Charlotte Guy.

Nowadays, teenagers are able to communicate with each other 24/7 in ways that they couldn’t in the past – whether it’s through Facebook, WhatsApp, or Snapchat, and one accidental mistake on the latter was the tipping point which caused Charlotte to end her life.

The teen had planned on confiding in a friend over Snapchat that she had cheated on her on-again-off-again boyfriend, 20-year-old Jack Hurst, but instead of sending the message to her friend, she accidentally sent it to him in September of last year.

Realizing that she had made a terrible mistake, Charlotte immediately messaged Jack again, writing, “Goodbye. Please forgive me.”

This was not, however, the last message that she sent before ending her life.

Now Jack has released a statement about his girlfriend’s death, revealing the sad turn of events which caused the 17-year-old, who had been studying healthcare at college in Wigan, England, to think that she had no option but to commit suicide.

The pair had been dating for two years prior to Charlotte’s death.

Jack revealed that he had recently had a spat over a girl he had been dating before he met Charlotte.

“She told me that she felt like I had lied to her, and I tried to convince her otherwise, but she said she didn’t want to be here anymore.

I was concerned because she had made comments to me before about feeling that the world wasn’t meant for her.

She was always worried about not making new friends, but she started a new course at college and made friends quickly, and she seemed happy.

I went to see her in Wigan on the 21 September. I spoke to her and she said that she wanted to end the relationship…”

“On Sunday 24 , she [texted] me to say she wanted to talk. I said I was busy doing something and I would speak to her later.

After this, she sent me a Snapchat message that was meant for her friend but that she had sent to me instead.

The Snapchat referenced her sleeping with someone on the Saturday night. She told me that it wasn’t for me and apologised and said she was a horrible person.

She said that she wanted to talk and explain, but I said that I didn’t feel like talking and to message me to say what she wanted to say.

At 5.11pm, I got a long text message from her starting with ‘ok I think I get the point’. This message concerned me and I tried to call her, but she didn’t answer. I got another message at 17.13 saying ‘it doesn’t matter. Goodbye. Please forgive me.'”

Worried about Charlotte’s welfare, Jack used her Snapchat account to pinpoint her location and called the police.

Her final message to him read, “I love you – knowing that you hate me is enough.”

At the inquest into her death, it was revealed that the 17-year-old had died with cocaine and alcohol in her system – although there is no evidence to suggest that she was a regular drug user.

The hearing also learned that the night before her death, Charlotte had been out drinking alcohol with her friends, Stephanie Bradshaw and Kieran Ashcroft, but there was absolutely no indication then that she was contemplating ending her life.

“She told me that she had been seeing someone called Jack Hurst for about two years but they had since split up,” Stephanie said.

“She didn’t seem upset about it and seemed really happy the entire night. The next day I dropped her off home at around 6 am and she sent me a message later on.”

“Charlotte told me that she had been having a good night, and seemed happy when I dropped her off the next morning.”

At the hearing, Charlotte’s parents revealed that she had previously self-harmed and that she had been referred for treatment because of this behavior.

“I accept at the time she may have been under the influence of cocaine and some of the effects of that may have changed her behavior and may have changed her state of mind,” the coroner said.

“I believed she was a troubled young lady. The effect it will have on her family and friends is beyond imagination.”

Charlotte’s death, however, is not the first seen suicide to have been linked to social media:

We wish Charolette’s family and friends our sincere condolences during this very difficult time.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out to the Samaritans on 1 (800) 273-TALK.

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