Teachers Beg Teen To Cut Nails After Three Years Of Growth Has Left Her Unable To Use A Pen

The fairer sex are known for their long nails, and thanks to social media the trend for nail art has grown exponentially. Now, women are growing their nails longer than ever before so that they can paint them with intricate designs.

However, there’s definitely a limit to how long a woman can grow her nails before they make her life difficult. No one wants to accidentally jab themselves with a talon of their own making. That’s why I file my nails every few days.

But a student who claims to be “scared of nail clippers” has taken the trend for long, immaculately painted nails to a whole new level. She hasn’t cut her nails since August 2014, and now it’s seriously affecting her ability to do her schoolwork.

Simone Taylor, 16, from Nuremberg, Germany struggles with various everyday tasks too because of her 5.8 inch thumbnails and 4.6 inch fingernails. She has even said that it is difficult for her to take a shower and get dressed in the morning.

Pictured below are Taylor’s nails a year after she started growing them in October 2015.

What’s more, she has to use her knuckles to type and is unable to hold a pen, which could have a potentially devastating effect on her future. “I have exams at the moment and it’s hard to write, after one hour of writing my hands really hurt,” she explained.

Simone once broke a nail, and the anguish she felt inspired her to never cut them again. This is what her nails look like now…

16-year-olds in European schools are required to sit exams that dictate the course of their future. That’s why teachers at Taylor’s school are begging her to cut her nails so that she has the best chance possible of getting a good career.

We all know what it’s like to make stupid decisions as a teenager, but most of us do not have to live with them long into our adult lives, and there’s nothing more stupid than rendering yourself unable to write because of your nails.

Taylor recalls the traumatic moment that she broke one of her precious nails:

“My friends and I were climbing a gate that was stuck, and as I jumped down, my middle finger nail got stuck in the metal and broke.

“I started crying and remember screaming, ‘Why my nail? Anything but my nail.’ My friends tried to calm me down but didn’t have much success.”

“Luckily, German schools don’t have dress codes, so they don’t cause any issues there.

“PE is a huge problem, though. I can’t play volleyball, basketball or anything similar. My PE teachers are always trying to convince me to cut my nails.

“They’ll never succeed to convince me – but that makes my grades in PE really bad.”

Taylor decided to stop cutting her nails after she was inspired by nail art tutorials on the internet. However, she has said that her current nails were not what she intended to create.

“It wasn’t my intention to grow them so long, but as they grew, so did the amount of compliments and they became more and more a part of me.

“During my first year, I always thought to myself, ‘I’m gonna cut them tomorrow’ but I never did.”

Because her nails are so long, painting them is an arduous task, and it can take up to three hours to complete. Taylor uses nail harder and cuticle oil to keep her nails strong and prevent them from breaking.

Taylor made a point of saying that not every daily task is made difficult by her nails. “Cleaning my teeth and using the toilet aren’t a problem,” she said. “Funnily enough, a lot of people ask the toilet question when they see my nails for the first time.”

It costs the teen over $30 a month to maintain her nails, and she said that she only uses budget brands to keep costs down. At the moment she is covering this cost with money that she won in a nail competition.

Despite the fact that her nails are having a detrimental effect on her education, Taylor hopes that the publicity her story is getting will inspire others to grow their nails long too.

“I hope I can inspire people, not only to grow their nails but also to keep doing their thing, even though not everyone might like it. It’s important not to let other people bring you down because you look unusual. Differences make life interesting.”

When this story first came to my attention, I thought it seemed incredibly far-fetched that someone’s education could be sabotaged simply due to a few lengthy nails. But that’s exactly what’s happened! Hopefully, Taylor will see sense in the near future because ruining your education for a trend is never worth it.

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