Teacher Arrested For Sleeping With Students Avoids Jail After Victim’s Family Makes One Request

In March, Madeline Marx pled guilty to multiple counts of having sex with a minor. The ex-substitute teacher at Kettering Fairmont High School in Ohio was looking at six years behind bars, but after an unusual request from one of the victim’s families, she is avoiding serving any jail time at all.

She was arrested in November 2017 at Kettering Fairmont High School where she was in the middle of teaching a class.

Footage of her arrest has been released and can be viewed below:

Marx, 24, pled guilty to two counts of sexual battery involving three students. Her guilty plea allowed the students not to have to relive the experience through a lengthy trial. Although details have been kept quiet, it has been reported that two of the students involved were aged 16 and 17.

Allegedly, Marx performed sexual acts on the 17-year-old and had intercourse with the 16-year-old in a school parking lot. She also distributed explicit photos of herself to the boys, and it was these pictures that led to her arrest.

The naked photos of Marx were being shared around the school via social media. This evidence, combined with a confession from a student to the principal that Marx was having inappropriate relationships with two of her pupils, was enough for police to arrest the former teacher.

Marx avoided jail time after one of the victim’s families asked that she only receive probation. Despite the other family advocating for time behind bars, Marx was given five years of community control sanctions instead.

She must also register as a tier III sex offender, can never work as a teacher again, and is required to register her address with authorities every 90 days. Any violation of her probation could lead to jail time.

Marx, who had never previously been in trouble with the law, made a tearful apology in court and presented the judge with 38 letters of support. She said, “I cannot express how sorry I am for what I’ve done to the victims and their families. I’m so sorry.”

The presiding Judge, Steven Danok believed Marx’s remorse, stating:

“The court believes these offenses are not likely to recur. This is extremely significant to the court, that Ms. Marx has shown genuine remorse for the offense. We want you to be successful on probation, we want you to be successful on community control.”

Assistant Prosecutor Dylan Smearcheck agreed with Judge Danok, claiming the ruling was for the best. He claimed, “Because Ms. Marx plead guilty in this case, the victims were spared reliving this through a trial. Additionally, Ms. Marx is going to have to register for the rest of her life as a sex offender and will never be able to teach again.”

In a strange twist, it was revealed that Marx actually studied sexual ethics in college. Although she should have known better, the judge still ruled that Marx was unlikely to ever commit similar acts against a minor in the future.


Our thoughts are with the victims and hopefully they will receive any counseling and support they may need in the future.

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