How This Sydney Grandma Lost 68 lbs In Three Months WITHOUT Exercising

Losing weight is a struggle for most people. They have to spend months, sometimes years, wrestling with a number of diet plans and fitness regimes before they finally see the pounds start to fall off. But it turns out that losing weight could be a lot simpler than most of us knew.

This grandma from Sydney, Australia, managed to shed a whopping 68 pounds in just three months WITHOUT exercising.

One of the reasons that so many people struggle to lose weight is that there are so many myths about weight loss out there. Some of the most popular myths are that all calories have an equal effect on your body and weight loss itself being a linear process (it’s not).

Ana Reyes decided to take action about her weight after she was shocked by her appearance in a picture of four generations of her family.

Recalling her size, the mom-of-two said to Daily Mail Australia, “I couldn’t believe how I looked. At the same time I couldn’t walk up stairs, I couldn’t paint my toenails, it was awful,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“I didn’t socialize, I didn’t have many clothes that fit me, I was totally embarrassed.”

Amazingly, this photograph provided Ana with enough inspiration to change her life for the better and now she’s completely unrecognizable.

So how exactly did she shed so much weight without exercising? Well, it was the result of the 123diet.

Unlike many diets which simply encourage people to eat less, the 123diet involves a healthy eating plan and specialized all-natural diet drops – the latter of which prevents people on it from craving sweet and fattening foods.

Check out the video below if you’re also wanting to lose weight without exercising: 

Fifty-year-old Ana followed the 123diet perfectly, never allowing herself cheat days, and the results were incredible.

“I’ve gone from a very depressed state to feeling fabulous and confident about myself. As my grandkids would say, I’m 50 and fabulous,” she said.

To celebrate her transformation, Ana has been posing in her bikini and it’s safe to say that she’s one hot grandma!

“Many people believe a diet restricts you from eating completely, however that was not the case,” Ana said of the 123diet.

“Throughout the process, I stuck to fruits for breakfast, like apples and strawberries, with some plain yogurt. My lunches consisted of salads with protein and vegetables and for dinner, I ate a lot of steak and fish.”

“I never thought I would be this content with the way I look. I’m just really happy, not only physically but mentally. This has completely changed my life,” she said.

While Ana admits that such a radical lifestyle change was difficult to adjust to initially, she said she was seeing results within days.

“I won’t lie, at the beginning, you feel a bit yucky as your body detoxes but after two days I had more energy,” she revealed.

“I feel absolutely fantastic, I look younger and have my confidence back. I even have a few guys chasing me,” Ana joked.

The happy and healthier grandma is pictured below with her five grandchildren.

Having had such brilliant results from the 123diet, Ana said that she’s recommended it to around 15 to 20 people. She’s hoping that by sharing her story she will inspire other people to achieve their weight loss goals and change their lives.

“Just jump straight in, life is too short and we need to live life,” she said. “Don’t think twice about it.”

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