Suspected Drug Smugglers Have Been Filmed Climbing The US-Mexico Border Fence

Mexican journalist Carolina Rocha and a camera crew from the network TV Azteca have captured footage of two men scaling the US-Mexico border fence. They can be seen carrying large backpacks while climbing the fence before making the decision to retreat.

The young men are suspected drug smugglers who climbed the very tall fence from Mexico into the United States to presumably sell illegal substances. They immediately go back over border fence into Mexico when they notice the journalist filming them.

Rocha was reporting on US Border Patrol for the Mexican network when she spotted the men climbing the border fence broad daylight.

It is thought that the large backpacks that the two men were carrying were holding drugs.

The footage shows the men walking in such a way so as not to draw attention to themselves. They walk with their backs hunched over, and once they have reached the other side, they hide behind some bushes.

One of the men can be seen talking on the phone before realizing they are being filmed and the other can be heard saying “don’t record”.

Rocha responded by telling them that she was simply doing her job. The footage goes on for another three minutes before the men are seen scaling the tall border fence once again – this time returning to Mexico.

“It was shocking. This is happening in front of me? And we didn’t stop recording,” Rocha said in Spanish an interview with the Associated Press.

Rocha later said that she was amazed at how quickly they were able to climb the 20ft border fence – it occurred in a matter of seconds.

She was also in disbelief that the two men were only deterred by the rolling cameras and not the numerous US border patrol agents who were close by. In fact, there were three US Border Patrol trucks within a few yards of the men.

The incident occurred in March 2016 at a time when border security was a heated issue during President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Trump’s plans to build a wall to act as a “securer” border between the US and Mexico have caused much controversy.

Over a year later and eight prototypes for the wall have now been constructed – four of which are made of concrete and the other four are made of “other materials”. It remains to be seen when the construction of the wall will take place.

In the meantime, watch the footage of the suspected drug smugglers crossing the US-Mexico border fence.

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