Study Reveals What You Should Eat on a First Date if You Want it to Go Well

I’m not the most socially adjusted person at the best of times, but for me, going on a first date is a special kind of hell. It’s all the stress of dating without all the comfort and familiarity of being with someone you’ve known for a while; in a perfect world, I’d like to skip to the point in the relationship where we’re both getting drunk in our pyjamas.

For a first date, I like to go to a nice restaurant, but there are definitely some foods which do not lend themselves to romance (Pie. Never have pie on a first date. Trust me on this).

Luckily, the guys at Hinge have probably had a few romantic rendezvous ruined by pie, because they conducted a survey about the best date spots in six cities across America. As well as finding out the best activities to ensure that date number one led to date number two, they also found out the best type of food to go for if you’d like to play the game of love, and win.

Surveying 8,000 members of their dating service living in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and Washington DC, Hinge have compiled a significant set of data that well help you to improve your dating life tenfold. Hinge asked their users about successful date spots, the best type of first date, as well as the food and drink you should consume to fuel the fire of love burning inside your loins (which will hopefully be the only thing burning inside your loins by the time date two rolls around).

When it came to the best food to have on a first date, the Hinge survey came up with some pretty interesting results. Usually, I find that Italian food is the most romantic of cuisines (then again, I base most of my romantic expectations on the Disney film the Lady and the Tramp), but according to Hinge users, the best food to have on a first date is actually fried chicken, making up 24 percent of the vote.

Take the results with a pinch of salt, however; at close second was vegan food with 23 percent, and I doubt there is very much overlap between the two. Sushi and pizza come in third and fourth respectively, while pancakes is surprisingly high up on the list, with nine percent of Hinge users identifying them as the ideal first date food.

Other parts of the survey indicated that taking your prospective lover for drinks or coffee is the best way to ensure a date, with 37 and 34 percent respectively vouching for liquid icebreakers. Lunch was next most popular with 30 percent, while dinner came in at 27 percent.

Well I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve learned a lot from these results. The next time I find somebody special who I’d like to get to know better, I will take them out for some fried chicken. KFC is a great place to go for dates, right? Right?

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