Groundbreaking Study Reveals That Vaping Can Lead To Considerable Cancer Risk

Studies on carcinogenic chemicals had shown those who smoked e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco had as much as 97 percent fewer lung carcinogens in their body fluids. However, now it appears that this research seriously overlooked the potential damage that can arise from smoking e-cigarettes.

A recent, groundbreaking study has highlighted the many risks of vaping and has even identified cancer as a potential outcome of long-term usage of the tobacco-free cigarette. They found that vaping directly causes mutations in our DNA which can then go on to develop into cancerous cells.

Researchers at the New York University carried out an investigation in which they exposed cells from both mice and humans to smoke from an e-cigarette and detected the potential damage this might cause.

They learned that the cells mutated and ultimately became cancerous and that this happened at a much higher rate than they anticipated.


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