Student Tragically Dies After Attempting Insane Dead Lift At Gym

As the saying goes, you only live once, and whether you decide to go for a jog every morning, eat healthily or hit the weights at the gym, it's important that you take care of your body for long enough to enjoy as much of life as possible before you die. Sometimes, our sincere attempts to improve our health backfire on us in tragic fashion, and in a freak gym accident, one young man will be improving his health no more.


22-year-old Kyle Thomson was a student at Iowa State University, a senior studying criminology in order to achieve his dream of being a K9 handler someday. He was in the baseball and football teams in high school, and it was his athleticism that ironically caused his downfall. Kyle was training in the gym in order to cut down, when he attempted a 315-pound bench press. What happened next would cost him his life. Turn to the next page to learn more about this tragic tale of exercise gone wrong.


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