Student Asks To Bring Dog To School During Hurricane Irma And Gets Incredible Response

As Hurricane Irma loomed over Georgia, the citizens of the state began to implement a plan of action in order to keep themselves, and their loved ones safe from the imminent threat of destruction. For Jessica Lewis, her loved one came in the form of her 1-year-old rescue dog, Luna.

As a student, Jessica had many difficult decisions to make, as evacuating her Statesboro apartment would require her to make several sacrifices. But, one risk she was not willing to take was leaving Luna behind. So, she did something to ensure that both herself and her pooch could escape back to her native Atlanta, without having to forfeit her Political Science class…

Jessica planned to return home to safer ground with Luna in tow. However, she also intended to attend her Intro to Political Science class before hitting the road. Conscious of the chaotic traffic that would inevitably be on the roads, Jessica knew that she wouldn’t have time to attend the class AND collect Luna. Desperate, she knew there was only one thing she could do…

Jessica and her roommate adopted Luna in April, and since then, the shelter dog has been loyally by her side. So, it didn’t make any sense to leave her behind. Instead, Jessica worked out a plan that allowed her to combine Luna and her class at Georgia Southern University.

Using her initiative, Jessica wrote a heartfelt email to her professor, Dr. Kennedy, in which she requested permission to enrol Luna in the lecture…

After baiting the professor with the promise of being viewed as “cool”, Jessica highlight her reasons for the bizarre request, before further buttering up her teacher with pictures of the adorable Luna:

“I promise she’ll be good and only the teeniest bit disruptive,” Jessica wrote in her lengthy email to Dr. Kennedy, who has been teaching at the university for four years.

Extremely apprehensive to learn whether Dr. Kennedy was indeed “cool” or not, Jessica waited for a reply. When it finally came through, she wasn’t disappointed…

“OF COURSE YOU CAN BRING HER,” replied Dr. Kennedy, within one minute. A self-confessed animal lover, he was overjoyed with the prospect of having a canine in his class.

Explaining his decision, Kennedy told Today:

“We were all pretty stressed — faculty, staff and students alike — wondering whether we’d need to evacuate the area, and making travel arrangements. I thought given the scenario that it would be fine to waive the rules in this instance and allow her to bring Luna… It helped provide some levity in what was a stressful situation.”

With Hurricane Irma on the horizon, there was little disruption that could be caused by setting 1-year-old Luna loose in the classroom. So, how did the pup score on her first day at school? Dr. Kennedy grades his furriest pupil:

“She went up to most everyone trying to make friends, and every once in a while when I would pause after asking a question, she would whine as though she wanted to contribute. The other students seemed to enjoy her presence, as Luna got plenty of pats that day.”

Jessica was overjoyed that Luna was invited to join her in class, and totally overwhelmed by the kindness of Dr. Kennedy. “I already thought he was a pretty good professor, but this made him the best one ever,” she told Today.

After the class, Jessica packed Luna into her car and the pair evacuated to Atlanta. The duo have since returned to their apartment, which luckily sustained no damage.

While classes have been “normal again” since Hurricane Irma, Jessica will never forget the day she took Luna to school. It is also a day that Luna is likely to never forget, or Dr. Kennedy for that matter!

If you have a soft spot for animals in unusual places, then this video was created just for you. Watch as a adorable dog joins a gym class. It’s as chaotic and adorable as you expected…

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