Struggling Dad Works Three Jobs To Surprise Daughter With The Dress Of Her Dreams

Raising children is one of the hardest things in the world. I mean, the work that goes into ensuring kids are consistently happy and healthy can be pretty overwhelming for any parent.

Yes, it’s a cliché, but it really does take a village to raise a child, and needless to say, it’s much harder for parents who aren’t that well off.

But if you have a good set of parents, they’ll be the kind that you can rely on no matter what. They’ll help support you through tough times and encourage you to do whatever it is that you’re passionate about.

Great parents are more than just “parents”, they go above and beyond to maintain the balance between being a guiding and authoritative figure and someone you see as a close friend.

They will do anything for their children and always want what’s best for them – even if they don’t always have the means to provide them with everything they want or need.

One dad from Pennsylvania, who works three jobs, is one of these incredible and selfless parents.

The struggling father was determined to do something incredible for his daughter, something she wouldn’t be forgetting in a hurry:

Unfortunately, the special gift he planned on giving her would cost him an arm and a leg and so it wouldn’t be an easy feat.

But after initially deciding that he wouldn’t be able to afford the dress she wanted for her 8th grade formal, he then made it his mission to make enough money to be able to buy it for his little princess.

Her very heartwarming reaction to her father’s incredibly selfless gesture was filmed and has now gone viral.

So what happened? Nevaeha Smith went to visit her father at one of his several jobs and when she arrived, he pulled out a bag with the dress inside.

When she opens the bag and sees what’s inside (that is, her dream dress), she immediately erupts into sheer joy. She jumps up and gives her doting dad a long hug and starts crying.

The touching clip has since garnered over a million views as people gush over the father’s love and dedication to his kid.

“Now this is really what being a dad is all about! Her dad works three jobs and surprised her with her dream dress for 8th grade formal after telling her it was not a financial possibility,” wrote Style Exchange Boutique, who sold the girl’s dad the dress and subsequently posted the video.

“He made it happen and surprised her at his work! Definitely daddy’s little girl! We’re so happy we could be a part of it! Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there that go above and beyond for their kids day in and day out!” the post concluded.

From splashing out on your kids to punishing them – do you remember the father who made his son run to school in the rain in order to teach him a lesson?

Bryan Thornhill is the father in question. He made his 10-year-old son run to school in the rain as punishment for bullying other kids.

Thornhill wasn’t having any of it when his son got thrown off the school bus for bullying another kid. So every day for the next week, Thornhill forced his son to run a mile to school while he followed him with the truck and filmed it.

Savage! Well, just as there are parents who are intent on rewarding their kids, when these kids have done wrong, an effective form of punishment is needed.

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