Storm Chaser Films Cows Being Sucked Into A Tornado And Sent Flying Through The Air

Having never visited the US, I am always deeply perplexed by the dramatic storms that seem to batter the country.

Films such as Twister have only intensified my curiosity, for not only am I intrigued by the tornado as it zigs and zags across all manner of landscapes, but also the people who loyally chase them.

It’s a typically American hobby, one which requires a lot of guts and not a great deal of sense (in my humble opinion).

But then again, maybe it is worth it, because there are few things more powerful than being up close and personal with nature.

For example, during a storm in Cheyenne, Wyoming, a storm chaser was able to capture the shocking moment a herd of cows got sucked into a tornado and were sent flying through the air.

The footage makes for disturbing, yet compelling, viewing…

Reed Timmer, an “Extreme Meteorologist” for AccuWeather, captured the alarming footage whilst stalking a tornado as it twisted its way through Wyoming.

“INTENSE damaging #tornado touches down 20 miles northwest of Cheyenne, WY,” he told his 423,000 Twitter followers. “Retrogrades back west as it widens into massive cone,” he continued, before adding: “Thankfully everyone is okay here.”

(Something tells me the cows probably weren’t okay…)

So far there have been 418 tornados reported in the US this year alone, yet experts are still declaring 2018 a particularly quiet year for freak storms.

During this particular storm, a total of five homes were destroyed and many others severely damaged. Luckily, nobody was hurt as a result of the storm.

“We sat down to eat, and we saw shingles and stuff flying by,” one homeowner told KGWN TV. “And my husband said you need to get under cover.”

While nobody was harmed during the storm, a total of three people have died this year as a result of tornados in the US.

Tornados are more common in the US than any other country, with an average of 1,200 occurring annually. They are often less common in the Northern states, making the Wyoming incident quite rare.

The location of the cows is yet to be identified, however, it is likely that they didn’t survive the traumatic incident and if they did, the chances are that they’ll be devastatingly injured.

And for a reminder of that infamous cow scene from Twister, check out the video below. It really is life imitating art…

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