Stephen Hawking Warns That Humans Should Leave The Earth Within 100 Years


Whenever Professor Stephen Hawking lends his unparalleled expert advice to world issues, it is wise to sit up and take notice, because, to put it bluntly, the man is a genius.

Just last year, Professor Hawking had given us a chastening deadline by which point, he advised, it would be sensible to be leaving planet Earth with all due haste. Sparking no small amount of alarm amongst all of us, he told us that it would be necessary for humanity to leave Earth within the next 1,000 years.

Despite that sounding like rather a long time, in over-arching universally contextual terms 1,000 years is but the click of one’s fingers, the equivalent of being kicked to the curb with barely a moment’s notice by a particularly nasty landlord.

It seems now, though, that we have even less time than Professor Hawking had initially thought, as he has issued a stark new warning over the future of humanity.


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