Stay-At-Home Dad Leaves Hilarious Notes Around The House To Help His Wife With The Baby

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs a person can do, not least because it’s a high-stress occupation with no benefits and plenty of unpaid overtime. Parenting is far from an innate skill; it’s something you learn on the job, and all the parents I know personally have told me that a lot of the time, raising a kid is about winging it and hoping for the best.

You try to teach them right and wrong, keep them away from drugs and show them the value of a good education, and with any luck, they won’t grow up to be a criminal. If I was a dad, I’d worry that other fathers were better informed than me – playing the part properly while I improvised.

So that’s why dads like Chris Illuminati (yes, that apparently is his real name) are so hilarious and inspirational. Chris has become something of a hero to fathers around the world, thanks to his brilliant Instagram account, in which he leaves funny notes for his working wife Libby to find when she comes home. Chris is a stay-at-home dad who has found child-rearing to be a distinct challenge, and his amusing notes about the ups and downs of parenthood are extremely relatable.

1. A fate worse than death

2. The blame game

3. Sweet, sweet revenge

4. It’s just like being in college again

5. Fire hazard 

6. Well meaning, but ineffective 

7. Deadly stationery 

8. Like having dessert for breakfast 

9. I know which I’d prefer

10. There are good ideas, and then there are great ideas

11. “Please take them back!”

12. The teddy bear manhunt begins

13. Invest in a sound-proof room

14. Ewwww

15. He’ll never sleep again

In a recent interview with The Metro newspaper, Chris stated: “The purpose is to make other parents (or even non-parents) laugh. Because raising a kid is sort of the same for everyone. We all have these moments with our kids. If I can make one parent laugh on an otherwise crappy day, I’m happy. I plan on doing this for as long as people think I’m funny. And I mean strangers. My kids already stopped thinking I’m funny.”

Chris’s notes have been enjoyed by so many parents that he’s decided to release a book, entitled The New Dad Dictionary: Everything He Really Needs To Know. If you know someone who’s about to become a daddy, check it out. It could make the perfect gif for a baby shower!

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