Star Wars Superfan Gets Selfie With Carrie Fisher On One Condition

This week, the world lost another Hollywood legend, with Carrie Fisher passing away aged 60 following complications from a heart attack. Fisher suffered a cardiac arrest on board a flight from London to Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, and was hospitalised immediately after landing.

Although it was reported that she was in a stable condition following her heart attack, she never fully recovered and passed away on 27th December. Many people are now celebrating her life by sharing pictures, interviews and anecdotes that allow us to reflect and remember how much she gave to Hollywood and popular culture.


Corey Vidal is a Star Wars super fan, and was lucky enough to meet Carrie Fisher before she passed away. His experience with the actress was a little different to your typical interaction with a celebrity, and perfectly shows her wit, sense of humour and genuine nature. Find out what happened to Corey when he met Carrie Fisher over the page. 

Carrie Fisher was always kind to Star Wars superfans, as you can see by this particular anecdote. Corey Vidal, who is a Toronto-based vlogger, went to the premiere of The Force Awakens in 2015 with the intention of meeting some of the original cast. Carrie Fisher, who returned as Princess Leia in The Force Awakes, was in attendance, and Corey jumped at the chance for a picture.

Corey and Carrie met on the red carpet and she agreed to a photograph with the vlogger, but on one condition. When he asked for a photograph, Carrie said: “Only if you promise to tell everyone we’re dating”.

Corey stayed true to his word, and uploaded the photo to Instagram after the premiere with the caption “My new girlfriend”. From the anecdotes that have been shared since her death, it seems evident that Carrie Fisher had a wicked sense of humour, and treated her fans with respect and a friendliness that is rarely seen in Hollywood nowadays. RIP Carrie, you were one of the good ones.

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