Sports Pundit Accidentally Draws A Penis On Live TV Whilst Analysing Game, Everyone Loves It

Women will probably find this weird, but most men, especially during adolescence, have drawn a phallus on something for fun. Nobody really knows why this happens, but scrawling penises on jotters is a common experience in any high school. Even in the ashen ruins of ancient Pompeii, archeologists have found penises etched on the walls by bawdy Romans along with other lewd graffiti.

Most men will grow out of this Freudian form of artistic expression by the time they reach adulthood, but that doesn’t make the phenomenon any less weird. Where does this compulsion come from? Is it just because the male member is an inherently funny shape? Or is there a deeper and even more primal explanation?

The majority of men would probably draw the line at scribbling this kind of graffiti on live television, especially pre-watershed. But when you’ve been given a dare, or are simply unaware, you’re capable of drawing any kind of dirty doodle for your captive audience, as this next clip proves.

Hungarian NHL sports show Trash Talk shocked viewers at home with a very… suggestive post-game analysis, when one hockey pundit ended up drawing what was unmistakably a penis on the screen. Certainly lends a new meaning to the phrase: “he shoots; he scores.”

The sudden appearance of the phallus came when the presenters were analysing the strategy behind a move by the Winnipeg Jets in a recent National Hockey League game against the Colorado Rockies. Using the draw tool, a Hungarian presenter can be seen drawing two pink circles around the legs of two players, then a long loop between them, finishing with a “splash” to show the trajectory of the puck towards the goalposts.

Although the presenters treat the spectacle innocently enough, they have a hard time avoiding laughter and keeping a straight face throughout. The image of the Johnson on the screen is pretty unmistakable. A Reddit thread discussing the clip even had someone provide a helpful translation of the incident. 

“So we can see that the player gets scared at this point, even though he had plenty of opportunities to shoot here. He could have shot up in this direction, or over here, or to the inside corner here, ” the presenter says, adding “his other opponent, he simply went over there and got the puck. So, from this point of view, the player was in a very difficult position, and we know that they ended up losing.”

To be fair, this isn’t the first embarrassing incident we’ve seen on live television. Check out this cringeworthy footage of a TV presenter accidentally outing a kung-fu fraudster.

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