Sports Illustrated’s 2018 Swimsuit Issue Featured Its First Unedited Photos And The Results Are Sizzling

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is published annually, and what a wonderful time of year it is. Execs of the publication typically go to great lengths to ensure that the steamy photos, which are usually taken in exotic locations, are edited and retouched to perfection, and that any “blemishes” on the models are taken out.

But the magazine has now made an unprecedented move by including its first-ever unedited photos in the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Not to mention the fact that every single photo was shot by female photographers. Talk about a step forward!

This year, beautiful models of a wider variety of backgrounds, shapes and sizes were featured in the highly anticipated annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Included in the issue are four returning models, five mothers, five internationally renowned athletes, four authors, six amateur models and 12 rookies.

And for the first time in a while, a black model has been chosen to feature on the cover of this year’s edition. In fact, she is the third black model, after Tyra Banks and Beyoncé, to be given the honor.

Despite the fact that the magazine has only ever worked with three black cover models, and the fact that the 2018 cast only includes two plus-size models – Kate Wasley and Hunter McGrady – this edition is being called their most diverse edition ever.

1. Kate Upton

After starting her modeling career back in 2008, this veteran Sports Illustrated model has been doing what she does best for a whole decade.

Kate had her debut cover in 2011 and was even named “Rookie Of The Year” as a result. Kate has also appeared in the 2012, 2013, the 2017 issues, and, of course, the 2018 edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And they just keep getting better and better.

2. Lais Ribeiro

Stunning Brazilian-born Victoria’s Secret model, Lais Ribeiro, was snapped by Ben Watts in the Bahamas. Her colorful bikini, designed by Ola Vida, really doesn’t leave much to the imagination…

The photograph is so flawless, you could hardly believe it was entirely unedited.

3. Bianca Balti

This shot was taken by Yu Tsai in Aruba and the very unique-looking, sheer swimsuit is from Milkbaby Bikini by Cat Thordarson. Again, it just goes to show that photos are best left untouched.

4. Barbara Palvin

Hungarian model Barbara Palvin was photographed by Ben Watts in the Bahamas in a strikingly red bikini by AreYouAmI.

5. Brenna Huckaby

Brenna Huckaby is the first amputee and Paralympian to pose for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and the accomplished and beautiful athlete is second best to no one on this list. The intricately-designed bikini is by Divamp couture.

Brenna is an inspiration for many amputees who are being taught that they are just as beautiful as every other woman.

Shaholly Ayers is a gorgeous model who was born without a lower limb on her right arm. Take a look at her stunning remake of iconic Sports Illustrated covers below:


6. Samantha Hoopes

This gorgeous shot was taken on the Caribbean island of Nevis and was taken by Josie Clough. The very summery swimsuit is by Hunza G.

Next on the list: another super hot, blond bombshell in yet another sultry bathing suit.

7. Hailey Clauson

Hailey Clauson has one of the fiercest looks of any current model and is also working a gorgeous one-piece bathing suit by Sports Illustrated Swim.

8. Jasmyn Wilkins

Up-and-coming model Jasmyn Wilkins was snapped by Josie Clough in Nevis. The red, traditional-style bikini is by INC Swim and boy, does she look smoking in it.

Jasmyn Wilkins may be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookie but she’s certainly no amateur!

Next up: one of the hottest female tennis players out there.

9. Kate Wasley

Australian-born Kate Wasley is one of two plus-sized models to feature in this edition. The 23-year-old blond bombshell has taken the modeling industry by storm and hopefully there’ll be a lot more of her come in the future!

The stunning shots were taken by Yu Tsai in Aruba, and the swimsuit is by MIKOH.

10. Genie Bouchard

Canadian professional tennis player, Genie Bouchard, knows not only how to heat up a tennis court, but also looks amazing in a very revealing swimsuit by Haus Of PinkLemonaid.

11. Anne de Paula

Another beautiful shot taken by Josie Clough in the exotic location of Nevis. The red and white striped bikini is by Bond-Aye Australia and the Brazilian model wears it extraordinarily well.

She made her debut in the Swimsuit Edition last year and let’s hope she has a few more editions in her.

12. Kate Bock

Canadian model, Kate Bock featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 2013 to 2017, and was even voted “Rookie of the Year” for her first appearance.

In this snap, taken by Josie Clough in Nevis, she steps it up a notch by baring almost all with this very revealing bikini by Hunza G.

13. Raven Lyn

Sports Illustrated was on to a winner when they decided to use the Caribbean island of Aruba as one of their locations for 2018.

The location is astoundingly beautiful with stunning models – such as Raven Lyn – to match.

14. Myla Dalbesio

Myla Dalbesio is a rising star in the modeling world and scoring a Sports Illustrated shoot is a mighty huge accomplishment.

It is pretty much undeniable that the models featured in this cast are totally and utterly gorgeous.

Also, as noted earlier, this is the magazine’s most diverse cast which is something that the execs behind Sports Illustrated clearly wanted to show people that they accept and represent people of a wide variety of body types and racial backgrounds. Hopefully, this is something they will continue to aim for in years to come.

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