Spoilt Kid Violently Kicks His Mom In The Face After Being Told Off

There’s a particular stigma associated with the younger generation. According to mainstream media, the kids of today are entitled, spoilt and ungrateful. Obviously, if you ask any young person, they will strongly refute these claims and say that their behaviour is the same as everyone else that came before them. We were all young once, right?

Contrary to popular belief, not every human under the age of 16 is a despicable, self-righteous brat. There are a few kids out there, however, that will act in such a disrespectful way that it comes as no surprise that the younger generation are seen as entitled.

I reckon that the definition of spoilt has to be rewritten now, after a video of a nine-year-old attacking his mother went viral on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo. What’s more, the reasoning behind his actions is completely unjustifiable. Find out why this kid lashed out on the next page. 


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