Here’s South Korea’s “Secret Plan” To Assassinate Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un is the latest in a long line of dictators to reek international havoc. The North Korean leader has made no attempts to disguise his contempt for the US and further antagonized our nation this week when he fired a nuclear missile through Japanese airspace over the Pacific Ocean – an act he declared was a prelude to attacking the US territory of Guam.

The dictator has been condemned by the UN for his actions, and he has been ordered to immediately stop testing nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, the US and its allies are fully aware that perhaps the North Korean dictator is not in the mood for listening, and could strike at any moment.

Whilst it is unlikely that North Korea currently possesses the military capabilities necessary to start an international conflict, if it does, there is a secret plan in place to take down its leader.

It has emerged that South Korean special forces have conceived plans to assassinate Kim Jong-un in the event that the smiley leader does push his big red button.

South Korean president Moon Jae-in is now preparing his country to “quickly switch to an offensive posture in case North Korea stages a provocation that crosses the line.”

Moon Jae-in has been briefed of the proposals to assassinate Kim Jong-un, which apparently involve sending highly trained assassins into North Korea to infiltrate his regime’s hierarchy.

South Korea’s plans to “switch to an offensive posture” involve improving its ability to attack via the sky and sea in the event of a North Korean invasion. The country is also preparing for a “surgical strike” to destroy the weapons Kim Jong-un has been making before they can be used.

If President Moon Jae-in gave the command, F-15 fighters would fire Taurus cruise missiles at the dictator’s nuclear weapons. Seoul newspaper Munwha Ilbo has reported that the President’s Special Forces would then spring into action, protecting South Korea from its hostile neighbor.

Yesterday President Trump said that “talking is not the answer” to solving the crisis in North Korea.

The President has also assured Americans that North Korea would never be given the opportunity to develop nuclear missiles that have the potential to strike the US, and said that “all options are on the table” when it comes to quelling the threat posed by Kim Jong-un.

Speaking about this week’s missile launch which the dictator deemed a success, Kim Jong-un said, “The current ballistic rocket launching drill like a real war is the first step of the military operation of the KPA in the Pacific and a meaningful prelude to containing Guam.”

It has been reported that the missile launch was a retaliation to South Korea and its allies’ recent display of force in the area earlier this month. Such displays of force are common as the area has never officially existed in a state of peace, only an armistice, since the end of the Korean War in 1953.

As the US prepares for further conflict with North Korea, our nation’s Defense Department’s Missile Defense Agency revealed that a “complex” missile defence flight test had successfully been carried out on Wednesday to intercept a medium-range ballistic missile target.

For all there military ‘might’, apparently North Korea still knows how to have a good time. Check out the video below of the North Korea Taedonggang Beer Festival in Pyongyang. You can get the first round..

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