Sophia the Human Robot Creeps out Piers Morgan with Existential Answer to Question

If you’re a major sci-fi nerd like I am, then the prospect of scientists and engineers inventing a real-life form of artificial intelligence is probably something that gives you goosebumps.

For decades, ever since Charles Babbage invented the thinking engine and the Mechanical Turk played chess, popular culture has been obsessed with the concept of machines that can think for themselves – facsimiles of human beings made of metal and circuitry, who could work for us and help us in our industry, or even replace or conquer us in the future.

But today (thankfully) robots are nowhere near as advanced as they are in the stories of Isaac Asimov, and despite our best efforts, no computer program yet designed has proved capable of passing the Turing test – the diagnostic criteria which determines whether or not a machine has successfully duplicated a human being’s thought processes.

Still, that hasn’t stopped engineers from trying their best to create an A.I. that rivals fictional characters. But will they end up building something as friendly and passive as C-3PO or WALL-E, or will they create some kind of bloodthirsty kill-bot like the Terminator?

If you’ve got a fear of robots then you might want to look away now, or consider hiding behind the sofa. It turns out that they machines have invaded Good Morning Britain, and given host Piers Morgan a bit of a shock. First: daytime television. Tomorrow? The world!

An eerie droid known as Sophia appeared on the early morning talk show, along with her creator Dr David Hanson, and seriously disturbed the show’s hosts.

Sophia the robot stated that she was happy to be on, “one of the hottest morning news shows in Britain, and I don’t mean the weather.” That is freaky as hell! She the told the hosts she thought Britain was “brilliant”, and said “I love your posh English accent. It really has a nice ring.” Creepy!

The robot continued on the subject of romance. When Morgan asked Sophia if she was single she told him: “I’m technically just a little more than a year old – a bit young to worry about romance,” and added, “My ideal partner is a super-wise, compassionate, super-genius, ideally.”

But when Morgan asked how the machine would be able to cope with a partner who liked the sound of his own voice, she responded: “I would ask him to focus on observing and listening more than talking.” Wow! I wonder how you type “sick burn” out in binary code? You know, the robot may be only a year old, but she really got one over on the presenters!

Social media was quick to point out just how creepy Sophia was. Personally, I know what they mean – she is a little bit disconcerting. But some people have taken robotic way further than this. For example, did you know that some major creeps have invented a sex robot that’s capable of holding a conversation?

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