Sleeping Nude Is Better For You Than Wearing Pyjamas, Says Science

When I first read that only 8% of people in the world sleep naked, I must admit I was pretty shocked. I love a nice pair of checked pyjamas as much as the next person but surely, when it comes to the actual sleeping part, the preference has to be feeling the soft, fresh duvet on your bare skin. This is especially preferred if I'm not sleeping alone. However, a bit like Shakira's hips, the statistics don't lie and it's only 8% of us sleeping this way and according to science, this means only 8% of us are sleeping the RIGHT way.



According to The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (if anyone knows about sleep, it sounds like it'll be these guys), your body temperature drops when you sleep and this means, by wearing pyjamas, you're keeping your body too warm and this could disrupt your sleep cycle. This, in turn, increases the risk of insomnia and that's never a good thing.

If this doesn't have you unbuttoning your cotton jammies and entering the sheets naked and free, there's more that may convince you. Scientists also say that sleeping naked releases hormones that'll put you in that frisky mood; which gives great hope for that glorious morning romp we all enjoy so much.



If a morning sessionĀ and a regular sleeping cycle still aren't wetting your whistle, sleeping in the buff is also said to help with your diet. When your body cools down at night, the release of growth hormones increases while cortisol levels decrease and cortisol is responsible for making you hungry. This links back to the body temperature issue in the first point and I'm sure I'm not the only one who can relate to waking up in the night and snacking - as glorious as it was at the time, it was in no way good for my diet.

So, if you'll take science on board you'll be sure to leave the pyjamas off tonight and enjoy the sleep of a lifetime. Your partner can thank me later.

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