Skydiver Who Purposefully Didn’t Release His Parachute Called His Wife Moments Before 

If you're looking for a euphoric rush of pure adrenaline, there's very little that can top skydiving. Standing at the edge of a flying plane, thousands of feet in the air, with cars, buildings and animals being just tiny details below, jumping out and subjecting yourself to terrifying terminal velocity.

It's among the scariest things you can voluntarily do, but thanks to the parachute that can be released once airborne, you'll live to fight another day, instead of succumbing to the raw power of the gravitational phenomenon. Personally, I've never tried skydiving, and part of the reason for that is that I'm terrified that for one reason or another, the parachute would fail, and I would be left to experience a rather painful death.

I couldn't imagine not pulling the cord at all, but out in DeLand, Florida, one man did exactly that when 13,500 feet in the air. A 27-year-old Italian national sent a video message to his wife, telling her he was not going to open his parachute, and was found dead shortly afterward in a heartbreaking tale of suicide.


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