She Suspected Her Husband Was Cheating, Then She Found A Text From Their Daughter’s Best Friend

After 36 years of marriage, Julia Keys was confident that she knew her husband, Richard, better than most people. So when he began to act suspiciously, she knew something was wrong.

Richard, a sports presenter who has worked for broadcasting giants such as the BBC, ESPN, Sky and Fox, insisted that there was no need for his wife to worry. In fact, when she questioned his behavior, the 61-year-old turned it back around on his wife, claiming that she was paranoid.


Still not convinced, Julia began to see signs of infidelity everywhere she looked. But it wasn't until Richard's birthday party that Julia really heard the alarm bells in her head ring.

The anxiety-inducing moment came as Julia went to leave the party. On her way out of the door, she bumped into one of her daughter's friends, 27-year-old Lucie, a lawyer who the Key's family considered a close friend.

Immediately Julia felt a wave of disgust roll over her as she saw the young girl's face light up upon learning that she was leaving the party. This feeling only intensified when her husband didn't return home that night.

"For a year and a half, he was telling me it was all in my head, that I was imagining it, that I was going mad - lies that I now realize nearly every man comes up with when having an affair," Julia writes in her book, The MANScript.

Desperate to discover the truth, Julia began to do some investigative work into her husband's activities. She started by accessing his phone whilst he slept.

What she found made her feel sick to her stomach. Here she explains what she saw on Richard's phone...

From then on, Richard's web of lies began to crumble around him as Julia discovered the sickening truth about her husband's infidelity.

After discovering his lies, Julia left Richard. Despite his situation having been self-inflicted, Richard begged for Julia to stay with him. He even pleaded with her to take him back from his hospital bed where he lay after suffering a heart artery defect.

Having learned her lesson the hard way, Julia knew better than to trust him. So when she later learned that the night before he'd been for dinner with Lucie, she was barely surprised.

Julia is still heartbroken by the way her marriage ended, but she doesn't plan to feel too sorry for herself. Instead, she hopes to educate people on the warning signs that flare up when a partner is cheating - something she, unfortunately, has experience in!

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