Seven Sex Positions For Lazy Women Who Want The Man To Do All The Work

It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that good, satisfying sex is all part of a normal, healthy relationship.

Yes, it’s important to find time in your busy lives for a steamy and fulfilling sex session. But after a long, hard day’s work, the last thing you want to do is waste the little energy you have, when the truth of the matter is you really don’t have to.

We all know that it takes to two tango, but ladies, if you’re not up for making the effort tonight, you do have someone to fall back on.

Here are seven sex positions to whet a girl’s appetite even when she’s feeling lazy AF:

1. Missionary

Yep, of course, we have to kick the list off with some good old missionary. It’s a classic but often gets flack from people who believe it tempts the woman to simply lay there while her partner does all the work.

But honestly, it’s pretty awesome for women who just don’t have all that much energy but still want to get their rocks off.

You don’t have to control the rhythm or the movement, instead, your man takes care of that. All you have to focus on is the pleasurable sensation.

2. Man stands, woman sits

If you’re in the mood to get down and dirty but don’t have the energy to move much, just get your man to do all the work. He’ll enjoy it either way. Simply move to the edge of the bed in a sitting position while he stands and penetrates you.

And yes you can wrap your legs around his body but if you can’t even be bothered to do that, he can hold your legs up for you while he thrusts. More control for him and more comfort for you – everyone’s a winner.

3. Lazy doggie style

Doggie style is a hit with many couples around the world. It brings out people’s natural, animalistic instincts, gives guys a great view of their girl’s ass and gives women a good angle for better G-spot stimulation.

So just lay on your stomach and allow the good times to begin from there.

4. Spooning leads to forking

Spooning with someone you love is pretty awesome. It’s warm, it’s reassuring and it’s comforting.

And if you love sleeping while you and your partner spoon, then you’ll also love doing the deed in this position.

All you have to do is lay down, assume the most convenient position/angle and wait to be penetrated.

Take a look at the diagrams in the video below to discover the best lazy sex positions for men and women:

5. Receiving oral

This is the ultimate way to get an orgasm even when you literally don’t want to lift a finger (unless you want to). You just lay back, relax and allow your man to put his tongue skills to good use.

6. Reverse cowgirl on a chair

This position is the very epitome of comfort as it allows you to use your man as a chair while the two of you bone.

7. Cowgirl on a chair

This position is perfect for having sex on a couch, say when you’re watching a movie. If the movie’s getting a tad bit dull, you can turn on the heat by crawling on your man’s laps, facing him with your legs apart so that he can penetrate you.

You’re both sitting in a comfortable position and your man can support you by holding your back with his hands while you sway back and forth.

So there you have it; the very best sex positions for women who have enough thirst, but not enough energy for another lovemaking session.

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