‘Sesame Street’ Is About To Introduce A New Muppet To The Show With An Interesting Character Trait

Sesame Street is one the most beloved television programmes of all time - made for children, but loved by people of all ages - the show is also notably enduring, have been around since way back in the 1960's.

For nigh on 50 years now, the vast array of vivid characters known collectively as The Muppets have enchanted audiences and have also been credited with introducing and tackling potentially difficult subjects for children to understand in a sensitive yet clarifying way.

The show appears to be right on the money yet again, as it has been announced that a new Muppet, named Julia, will be joining the show. The character, who is already included in storybooks online and in print, will make her bow in April on HBO and PBS, becoming the first character on the show to have autism.


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