Charles Manson Is Rapidly Deteriorating In Hospital And It Is “A Matter Of Time” Before He Dies

One of the most notorious living serial killers alive today is 83-year-old Charles Manson. After a troubled start in life, which saw him imprisoned for a string of petty offenses, he moved to San Francisco and founded the twisted Manson Family in 1967.

The family was a cult based on Manson’s perverted interpretation of Christian philosophy, and he convinced his followers that he was the second coming of Christ. They went on to commit a series of brutal murders in the summer of 1969.

Why? Manson had become obsessed with the Beatles’ song ‘Helter Skelter’. He believed that it was a coded message about an upcoming race war between white people and black people.

Mason preached that “the black man” would rise up and start killing members of the “white establishment” and turn the cities into an inferno of racial revenge. He believed black people would win this war, but would relinquish the power to his cult as a result of “innate inferiority”.

Pictured below are three of his female followers.

The family lived on an abandoned movie set in California, and the predominately female group survived by stealing and trading sex. However, that fateful summer, he ordered them to kill prominent wealthy individuals.

The Manson Family went on to kill seven people including heavily pregnant actress Sharon Tate, pictured below. Manson reportedly told them to do this because of injustices her perceived in society and ‘Helter Skelter’.

The Manson Family were arrested soon after the murders took place, and he and four of his followers were sentenced to death in 1971. The death penalty was then briefly outlawed in California, and they were given life sentences instead.

The Manson Family trail was one of the most well-publicized in history, and people were fascinated by the fact that Manson had not personally carried out any of the murders. At one point, he was the most written to prisoner in the United States.

Now an anonymous source has claimed that Manson is dying in a California hospital.

According to TMZ, Manson was admitted to hospital three days ago, and his condition is rapidly deteriorating. The killer was also hospitalized in January, but he was returned to prison when he was deemed too weak to have surgery.

“It’s not going to get any better for him… It’s just a matter of time,” the anonymous source revealed.

Manson is reportedly guarded by five police officers in hospital.

“He’s not crazy – he’s an evil, sophisticated conman,” Vincent Bugliosi, who was the chief prosecutor in the Manson case, said. “We’re talking about evil here, as opposed to mental illness. Manson wanted to kill as many people as he could.”

Since their incarceration, none of those involved in the murders have been released so far. Manson has been up for parole 12 times, and, whilst there was no chance of him being released, he showed no remorse for his crimes at any of the hearings.

This report details everything currently known about Manson’s ailing condition:

Leslie Van Houten, however, was granted parole earlier this year. Her role in the murders was deemed to be the smallest, and she has been declared as no longer being a threat to society, having become involved with Manson when she was just 19.

Houten has said that she is “deeply ashamed” of the role she played in the murders. “I take very seriously not just the murders, but what made me make myself available to someone like Manson,” she revealed.

But there are some people who believe that Manson himself is innocent of any wrongdoing. In fact, a journalist has claimed that he was framed by ambitious attorney Vincent Bugliosi.

New York journalist Daniel Simone has extensively researched the case, and, together with a woman named Heidi Ley, he claims that Manson was set up by Bugliosi, pictured below, who wanted to become a famous attorney.

Simone has said that there was no evidence that Manson had been encouraging his followers to engage in religious practices and that he was simply the leader of a group of misfits. Prior to the case, Bugliosi was unknown.

“Of Manson’s 37 prior arrests, none involved violence,” Simone said. “And [almost] every single witness who testified against him was a convicted felon or facing trial.”

“He probably could have gotten the case dismissed based on the lack of evidence.”

We wish our sincere condolences to those affected by the Manson Family’s crimes.

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