Scorned Wife Travels 150 Miles To Confront Unfaithful Husband And His Mistress

To say that cheating in relationships is common would be the understatement of the century. And the thing is, the more common it becomes, the more likely we are to see it as the norm.

And as unthinkable as it sounds, some of us almost expect to be cheated on in this day and age, which only serves to drive the ones we love into the arms of another from the get-go.

But if you did have suspicions that your other half was doing the dirty, how are far would you go to prove it?

Well, one woman from the UK, who has remained unnamed, proved she would go very far to do just that.

In fact, this mother-of-two traveled over 150 miles across England to confront her husband who had been cheating on her and quite literally went to great lengths to do so.

The husband in question, who had two young daughters with his wife, reportedly traveled from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire to Dover, Kent, where he met his mistress at a hotel.

Unfaithfulness is always messy, but even more so when there are kids involved. While the husband was cheating on the mother of his children with another woman, she was at home looking after their two daughters.

What he wasn’t aware of was that his wife had grown immensely suspicious of her husband and, with the help of her own mother, she tracked down her deceitful husband and found out that he and his mistress were staying at the Premier Inn in Kent.

After staking out the hotel, the mother and daughter confronted the husband as he returned to the parking lot with his lover.

The exchange that happens in the video is extremely dramatic. And, according to some reports, it was recorded by the man’s mother-in-law, who then posted the distressing scenes on social media, resulting in an astonishing 100,000 views.

Naturally, the wife and her mother are livid after they discover – beyond the shadow of a doubt – that the man has been cheating on his wife with another woman.

In the video, the scorned wife’s mom directs her fury at her cheating son-in-law.

Check out the explosive confrontation here:

Although it is not yet known what happened before or after the video was taken, it shows the mother-in-law charging towards the husband while furiously pointing and shouting at him.

“You f*cking bastard,” she begins “You’ve been found out that you’re fucking around.”

She then turns to his mistress who is standing next to a car, evidently embarrassed by the encounter, and says, “You shouldn’t be going out with him.”

The woman then responds, “I’m not going out with him” to which the mom retorts, “You are. We know that. The hotel manager told us. It’s not your fault, we’re not going to blame you.”

The wife then tells the woman, “Look, I’m not angry with you. It’s him.”

The wife’s persistent mother continues to urge the woman to ‘tell the truth’ and she appears to break down in tears.

“You’ve been having an affair with him, haven’t you?” she reasons. “Come on, darling, tell me. Come on, you’re spoiling two girls’ lives. I promise you on my two little granddaughter’s lives we don’t say anything.”

However, the woman responds by shaking her head and says, “Please talk to him.”

The wife’s mom then walks away with her daughter, telling the woman she can ‘have him’.

But then she turns towards the cheating husband once again and in an undeniably livid tone states, “Coming all the way from Wellingborough, leaving your two daughters and f*cking about with a girl.”

In what could have been a scene in a terrible rom-com, the treacherous husband then runs after his wife in an attempt to talk things through with her but she simply pushes him away and says, “go to her.”

However, the man continues to pursue her and grabs a hold of her arm, to which the scorned wife responds by shoving him away and threatening to call the police.

Yep, it was an extremely messy encounter, and captured all on camera! Thank God for modern technology.

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