Scientists Looked At Chicken McNuggets Under A Microscope, Were Appalled With What They Found

Something about McDonald's draws us towards the Golden Arches regularly, like a moth helpless in its quest to avoid the flame, for better or worse, most of us are lovin' it.

Credit where it's due: their food tastes amazing. So good, in fact, that we never stop to question what is it we're actually eating. Good thing, too, for if you delve into the ingredients used in the famous McNuggets then you'll throw up a little bit inside; it looks more like what you might find in Frankenstein's lab, nowhere near something you might digest.

The team at Natural News Forensic Food Laboratory, wanted to conduct a little experiment on Ronald McDonald's precious nuggets, so they walked into a Golden Arches branch in Austin, Texas and purchased a 10-piece.

They then examined the Chicken McNuggets under a digital microscope, expecting to see only processed chicken bits and a fried outer coating. But what they found shocked even me. I've seen a lot of weird food stuff in this job, but I never expected to see this.




As the photos show, the Chicken McNuggets were found to contain strange fibers that some people might say even resemble so-called "Morgellon's."



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