Scientists Are Developing New Drug That Can Reverse Baldness, And May Eventually Cure Old Age

It has long been a preoccupation of humanity to seek out a formula for eternal youth. Be it historically through quests to find The Fountain Of Youth, or today, through our relationship with anti-wrinkle creams and hair dyes that purport to give us a more youthful appearance. Our fascination with youthfulness and the perceived paradigms of beauty that comes with it is ongoing.

Delving into anti-ageing methods could also hold benefits for medical science as well as our cosmetic pursuit of good looks – which is why it will come as a surprise to no-one that research is ongoing in the field.

Researchers at the Erasmus University Medical Centre in the Netherlands have been doing exactly that, and believe that they might have developed a treatment that reverses the symptoms of ageing in tests on mice.

One of the cosmetic benefits of the treatment, when it was tested on mice, was that it led to the regrowing of fur that they had naturally lost through old age over time.

It appears that they also saw an improvement in stamina and in kidney functions – the animals that had undergone the treatment were able to run twice as fast as those who were left untreated.

The research team, whose findings were reported on Science Alert, claim that the chemicals shut down a communication channel in cells involving FOXO4 and p53 proteins – resulting in the self-destruction of the cells.

The therapy is thought to be particularly interesting due to the fact that it targets what are known as senescent cells, which build up as we age; peptide targets those cells and ignores the healthy ones.

It seems that the next step for researches will be to conduct clinical trials to gauge how effective the peptide therapy is on humans. If successful, the implications could be significant, and the peptide therapy could prove a valuable step on human-kind’s never-ending march toward eternal youth.

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