Science Just Proved That Cats Want To Hang Out With You Just As Much As Dogs

There is a perception of cats as rather aloof animals; imperiously going about their lives with a nonchalant flick of the tail and a casual touching up of their whiskers, impervious to their human counterparts until they need food or fancy a back rub.

Personally this is one of the things I love about our feline friends, their independence and laconic mannerisms are reminiscent of their larger relatives in the predatory world of big cats - seeing the same characteristics displayed in miniature is amusing and endearing. They might also be a lower maintenance pet than dogs (cue furious debate).

However, science might have just come to the rescue of those who maintain that their cats love them just as much as a dog loves its respective owner; no longer will they be met with a snort of derision and a sympathetic glance from their dog-loving contemporaries. After all; it's science, and you can't argue with that.


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