Scarlett Johansson Met Her 72-year-old Dopplegänger, Proceeded to Get Drunk With Her 

Hollywood heavyweight Scarlett Johansson has come a very long way from her 1994 film debut in the fantasy comedy North. As a child star, she appeared in films like Manny & Lo (1996), The Horse Whisperer (1998) and Ghost World (2001) before moving on to adult roles with critically acclaimed performances in Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003) and Lost in Translation (2003).  In Lost in Translation, Johansson played Charlotte – a young college graduate struggling to come to terms with an unhappy marriage – and the role won her a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. More recently, Scarlet Johansson has become a very important citizen of the Marvel universe, following her introduction to the film franchise as the mysterious Black Widow. Who can forget this epic scene when she annihilates a whole room in the middle of a phone call?

Reprising her role as Black Widow in 2016 smash hit Captain America: Civil War, in addition to her performance in Hail, Caesar!, cemented her position as the highest grossing actor of the year. Forbes compiled the list based on the box office receipts and found that Johansson’s films made a total of$1.2 billion. This was mainly thanks to the Captain America movie which became the highest grossing movie of the year with $1.15 billion made in global box office earnings. Thanks to this movie, Johansson’s co-stars Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr tied for second place.

With this impressive success behind her, Johansson is returning to screens this year in a comedy. The 32 year old actress stars in Rough Night – a feature debut for directorLucia Aniello. The dark comedy was also co-written by Aniello and stars Zoë Kravitz, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell and Ilana Glazer. The plot is simple: old friends get together for a wild weekend in Miami as Johansson’s character prepares to head down the altar and, in the course of drunken festivities, a male stripper dies and hilarity ensues. It already sounds insane and I want to see it.

The Rough Night premiere was not just an opportunity to launch the film and take pretty pictures on the red carpet. Johansson also used it as an opportunity to meet a special person she had found out about thanks to the internet. A reddit user called denverjoel had posted a picture of his grandmother Geraldine from her younger days and she was a spitting image of the actress.

The picture went viral and eventually caught Johansson’s attention. The New York born star just had to meet the grandmother from Arkansas who seemed to have been Scarlett from another life! She responded to the viral picture in a video, saying she had “been absolutely inundated with emails and messages” about the image and couldn not believe the resemblance herself. Her reaction in two words?  “Holy crap.”

The actress added that she would like to have a drink with Geraldine and invited her to the premiere of her latest movie. Geraldine took her up on her offer and the pair took a picture after swapping name tags. You can see the video of Johansson’s invitation and the amazing moment the two met face-to-face at the premiere below.

Speaking about the experience on The Stephen Colbert Show, Johansson confirmed that she and her doppelganger really did hang out over drinks. She described Geraldine as “such a nice woman” and said “it was wonderful to meet her”. She even added that she looked forward to heading down to Arkansas, as Gerladine’s daughter owns a bar, so the drinks they shared at the premiere were only the first of many. Could this be the beginning of an amazing friendship?

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