Ryan Reynolds Invites Selma Hayek Round To Cook And Babysit For Him

I’ll admit, for a few years, I had no idea who Ryan Reynolds was. For me, Gosling was the only Ryan in show business. But now, the Deadpool 2 star has found himself at the helm of one of Marvel’s most enigmatic and hilarious franchises, and he seems to be enjoying the ride.

His Hitman’s Bodyguard costar Selma Hayek got her first iconic roles in legendary exploitation action flicks by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Her role as a serpent-draped vampire in Dusk Till Dawn inspired generations, and an iconic shot of her literally putting her foot in Quentin Tarantino’s mouth is simply perfect.

It seems Hayek and Reynolds are good friends, which is always interesting to see. Celebrities form friendships just like regular people, so some unexpected pairings are sure to sprout up. Apparently, Mac Miller’s house is a hangout spot for rappers, with other artists like Schoolboy Q hanging out for the day. Drake and Kanye hang out and play basketball. And Ryan Reynolds and Selma Hayek run a home together.

Reynolds, 40, is married to actress Blake Lively, and their daughter Ines, 10 months old, apparently enjoys being held by Selma Hayek while she cooks.

It seems that Hayek was invited for dinner, but ended up taking control of the whole kitchen. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could put Reynold’s cooking skills to shame. It’s a common scenario – you come over to your friends’ house for dinner, find things in a state of utter disrepair, and have to apply some elbow grease to make the meal edible.

“When your friends invite you for dinner and you end up doing all the work,” reads the caption on Hayek’s Instagram. Hayek, 50, is still in a continuing smooth sea of a career and publicity peak. She’s become a household name after working hard for years in film.

Hayek and Reynolds have starred in films together in the past as well, such as 2012’s Savages.

Samuel L Jackson is also set to star in the film Hitman’s Bodyguard, playing a world-class hitman who is guarded by none other than Ryan Reynolds himself. “Men do a lot less,” said Selma Hayek in a recent interview. “They are less demanding on themselves and their standards are lower, yet they feel entitled to ask for a raise or a promotion.”

I mean, it’s kind of a funny statement. Tell Reynolds to maintain his own kitchen, then! That said, Hayek has been a lifelong advocate of speaking up for celebrity women, a genre of speech that crops up in rotational cycles, whether its Hayek, Emma Roberts, or Meryl Streep.

Between Deadpool 2 and having home-cooked meals whipped by his costars, Ryan Reynolds seems to have a pretty enjoyable life. His daughter Ines is being raised with as much privacy as possible, to shield her from the distortions of fame. Maybe Hayek and Reynolds should do a cooking class together, and film it, and put it on YouTube or something. That’d be great. Probably get seen a lot. Have some laughs, a few mishaps. Good stuff!

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