Russian Werewolf Dogs To Become A Regular Feature On Our Streets Thanks To New Invention

When you're walking through the park and the sun's about to set, you sometimes hear the noise of small feet pounding towards you and you can't yet see where it's coming from. You're like 99% sure it's a dog but... but what if it isn't a dog? What if it's a deadly killer werewolf and it's coming to eat you?!




Thanks to a new dog muzzle invented by a Russian company that question is now a legitimate one. The USD $30 werewolf muzzle looks absolutely terrifying on the outside and works well on the inside, allowing your dog to slightly open its mouth.


Some countries require dogs to be muzzled. Those countries are now presumably going to enter a werewolf apocalypse in which people run scared through the streets, trying to avoid the bloodthirsty carnivores that now roam free. Unfortunately, you'll have to brush up on your Russian in order to buy one!

I guess there's no reason dogs can't be werewolves. After all, cats can now run for President.

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