Russian Morgue Worker Is Fired After Having Sex With The Corpse Of Murdered ‘Big Brother’ Star

If you have ever watched an episode of Big Brother, then you’ll be all too aware that the show is synonymous with scandal. But the Russian version of the popular reality show took things to a whole new level recently, when it transpired that a morgue worker had engaged in sexual activity with the corpse of a murdered contestant.

No, this is not the premise of the latest detective movie, this actually happened.

In 2008, a lorry driver discovered the lifeless body of 31-year-old Oksana Aplekaeva on the side of a motorway in Moscow. Investigations into her death suggested that the blonde beauty had been strangled to death before being thrown from a moving vehicle along the highway.

Her body came to rest at the side of the road as her killer sped away. Despite this brazen way of disposing of the body, police believe that before Oksana’s body was found, the killer returned to the scene to try and cover up the body.

Despite a thorough police investigation at the time, Oksana’s murderer was never apprehended. However, when her body was exhumed earlier this year after new information materialized, police thought they’d finally cracked the case.

After exhuming Oksana’s body for more forensic tests, technicians were horrified to learn that the reality star had been sexually violated after her death.

Further investigations led the police to the doorstep of a 37-year-old man, known only as Alexander, a morgue worker who’d had access to Oksana’s body. Whilst Alexander was not responsible for Oksana’s death, he did admit to defiling her body.

Tragically, Alexander isn’t the first mortuary worker to be caught red-handed. In the 1980s, this funeral home worker from Ohio confessed to having slept with over 100 corspes. The shocking police tapes will give you nightmares…

Despite the disgusting allegations, Alexander did not try to conceal his guilt.

“‘I could not argue against science,” he said, before adding: “I have not been able to find a job for three months.” Alexander had continued to work at the morgue up until forensics made their shocking discovery, but after the truth was revealed, he was unsurprisingly fired.

Despite having worked at the morgue for 12 years, Alexander insists that Oksana’s body is the only one he’d ever had sex with. But this wasn’t good enough for his wife who promptly left him after hearing the news. She has now changed her phone number so that Alexander can no longer contact her.

According to Russian news sources, Alexander cannot be punished for his sickening deed as there is no law in Russia that deals with such incidents. However, it would appear that his life will never be the same again now that his dark secret has been revealed, which could serve as punishment enough for his actions.

Meanwhile, police in Russia are still trying to track down Oksana’s killer. With 10 years having passed since her murder and contamination caused by Alexander, it’s safe to say that the likelihood of her murderer ever being brought to justice is thin.

The mystery continues, but for now, at least Alexander has been reprimanded for his actions and cast out of the morgue so that no corpses can again be defiled.




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