Runaway Tire Smashes Through Shop And Hits Two Guys In The Face

One of the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen was the 2010 film Rubber. Ever heard of it? It’s pretty obscure and features what might well be the strangest premise for a feature-length movie ever conceived. The plot (if you can call it that) concerns Robert, a sentient psychic tyre.

Yes, a tyre. That’s not a euphemism – I’m talking about an honest-to-God tyre that ostensibly goes on the wheels of a car. Robert the tyre is sentient, can move of its own volition, and make things spontaneously explode. It rolls around the desert of Southern California killing people. It’s pretty insane, but at least it’s more original than The Blob, or Godzilla.

Why do I mention it, you ask? Truth is often stranger than fiction, and in this instance, that fiction is already pretty damn strange.

We’ve always been content to trust tyres up till now. They carry up from place to place in cars, bikes, motorcycles and more. Pretty much any vehicle needs hard rubber before it can effectively move, but no-one would have ever imagined that they were ever malevolent like in the movie Rubber… until a tyre was spotted in Turkey, flying in out of nowhere and attacking two men.

You might think that sounds ridiculous, and imagine that the tyre was rolling along by accident, but when you see the following footage and observe how far it travelled just to knock two unlucky dudes over, then you might just think again.

The rogue tyre, which was filmed by CCTV cameras in Turkey’s southern Adana province, can be seen careering down the street, narrowly avoiding a woman and her baby, before bouncing off a tree flying into a nearby pharmacy, rolling at high speed all the way.

Pharmacist Abdulkadir Erdeve was sitting at his desk with his two friends Ibrahim Obaz and Volkan Ay when the tyre suddenly came bouncing in, striking his friends in the head and face. “We are a pharmacy,” he later stated, “We were waiting for patients. A wheel came instead. We’re shocked.” Erdeve hasn’t filed a formal complaint, but later joked in an interview with a local news outlet that he was worried that a truck would roll into his pharmacy next time instead. I wonder what the tyre had against the two guys?

This isn’t the first time a random tyre attack has been caught on camera. In February, Roberto Carlos Fernandes, an innocent pedestrian in Brazil, was hit by one when walking down the streets of Ipatinga, knocking him to the ground and leaving him hospitalised with a fractured chest and skull.

Local police reviewed CCTV footage of the incident, but stated later that they had failed to discover the tyre’s origins. Could there be something amiss? Are the tyres plotting together? Are they already preparing to overthrow their human overlords? It might be a good idea to invest in some tacks to puncture them, before it’s too late …

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