Robot Strippers Are Here And Everything Is About To Change

Curious? Watch them, literally, send sparks flying:


The programmed robots were flown to the club from London just in time for the Consumer Electronics Show, which is essentially a giant convention for tech enthusiasts. But, rather than use the robot strippers as bait for the many men who will no doubt be in attendance, Sapphire's Managing Partner, Peter Feinstein said that they hope the peculiar pole dancers will attract more women.

“We’re appealing to a mass audience who looks on the internet, which we don’t normally do just as a gentlemen’s club," he told The Daily Beast. "If you’re six people from a company and there’s two women and four guys, you can still [come] here and have some fun and see the robots and not feel like you have to be part of a strip club."

On each podium is a tip bucket marked with witty notes, such as "MIT bound" and "Need money for batteries", to encourage guests to donate some bills to the grinding "girls" who, instead of a face, have a CCTV camera - Big Brother is watching you!


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