Innovative Penis Transplants Are Offering Hope To Injured Soldiers

In recent years, human organ/tissue transplants have come leaps and bounds. From life-saving heart transplants, to absolutely unbelievable face transplants, our ever-evolving medical industry appears to be entering the sci-fi realm. One group of people can find great solitude in these life-changing transplants are the men and women who return from fighting wars with severe and devastating injuries. over-20-000-march-in-veterans-day-parade-in-new-york-city We have all seen the horrific and poignant images of male soldiers who have lost their legs from the waist down and felt great sorrow. However, I can honestly never say that I've never even considered what damage had been done to the genitals. Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.19.17 Maybe that's because it's not as visually clear as the loss of an arm or a leg, or maybe is simply out of respect, but genitourinary injuries are often not spoken of. Sex is an important part of any loving relationship, and if an injury has caused a male soldier to lose his penis, then this can have extremely negative effects on his mentality and can create a difficult strain between his partner.  It's not selfish or inconsiderate, it's simply human nature.

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