Remember ‘The Human Barbie’? Well, You Should See Her Now

A few years ago, the world found out about Valeria Lukyanova, or The Human Barbie, as she’s more commonly known. When pictures of her transformation were shared on the internet, people were shocked to see how she’d changed.

Her transformation was huge, and many thought she had undertaken surgery to transform her look from human to Barbie. Valeria denied these claims, and said that she achieved her Barbie doll-like figure to daily workouts and following the “breatharianism” diet, which proclaims that you do not need food to survive.


Thankfully, Valeria realised we don’t rely on the sun to survive like plants do, and made a number of life changes to transform from Barbie to Amazonian. Want to see what she looks like now? Her transformation is on the next page..

The Human Barbie is known all over the internet for looking spookily like a real-life Barbie Doll, but this look is now a thing of the past for 30-year-old Valeria Lukyanova. After realising the Barbie girl life isn’t for her, Valeria took it upon herself to transform her diet and workout routine. It’s safe to say Valeria isn’t a human Barbie anymore.




What’s more, Valeria has followed her passion of singing and is set to release an album soon. Collaborating with fellow Ukrainian DJ Sender, Valeria will be singing in “ancient and forgotten languages” over an 80’s synth beat. Speaking about her passion for music, Valeria said: “When I’m singing, it’s like a deep trance for me. Music will help people relax and make a journey into their hidden places inside.”

I reckon this whole ancient languages malarkey could be the way forward, y’know. Who wouldn’t want to dance the night away to some Latin proverbs, right? If you’re looking for more real-life film characters, make your way to the next page where a woman has found Bambi’s doppelganger.

If you don’t have the time, effort or money to make your way to Disneyland to see all your favourite princes and princesses in real life, then make sure to watch this video to see Bambi in real life.

I mean, that’s quite affectionate of the Bambi lookalike. I can also confirm that this doesn’t happen at Disneyland, and you won’t be ferociously licked by random animals. If Valeria ever wanted to go back to her Barbie doll roots, I’m sure Disney would be calling her name. Anyone see a resemblance to Elsa from Frozen?

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