Remember Steve Irwin’s Son? He’s Now An Award-Winning Photographer And For A Good Reason

We all remember the late great Steve Irwin – he was adored around the world for his passion for wildlife and nature. He hung out with some of the rarest and most deadly creatures the world has ever seen, and his fearlessness saw no bounds.

The daring conservationist was in his element whilst in the company of such creatures, despite being well aware that they could very easily prey on him. That’s what made him such a hero in a lot of people’s eyes. He never let anything get in the way of his passion, and it was a lesson in perseverance that many of us benefitted from learning.

He inspired a number of people, especially young kids, to pursue careers in which they had contact with wild animals. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was directly responsible for a rise in the number of people choosing to study animal care or preservation at college. I mean, a younger me definitely longed for a career taming crocs whenever I tuned into The Crocodile Hunter.

As an animal rights advocate, he inspired people to do right by animals, and helped vulnerable creatures escape dangerous situations, all while making wildlife television a whole lot more entertaining.

Steve was also a very dedicated family man. He and his wife Terri had two kids, a son and a daughter.

You might know his now 19-year-old daughter Bindi, as she has become a television personality in her own right. The ambitious teenager has undeniably followed in her father’s footsteps, and she wasted no time doing just that – when she was just eight years old, she even hosted her own show, Bindi: The Jungle Girl.

You may, however, be less aware of Steve’s 13-year-old son, Robert Irwin. Well, needless to say he also caught the wildlife bug, and has fully immersed himself in the world of nature. Astoundingly, his work with animals has seen him winning various awards in spite of his young age.

Robert has been fortunate enough to travel across all corners of the globe with his family, and has had close contact with all kinds of majestic creatures.

This exposure to the animal world from a young age has inspired him in a number of ways, namely in an artistic sense.

In fact, the teenager has taken a very keen interest in wildlife photography, but it has become more than just a hobby. He’s even won awards for his works, which he kindly shares with the world.

He snaps a range of exotic creatures, and shares them with his 310,000 followers on Instagram.

The young wildlife photographer has submitted portfolios of his works to various photography competitions, and has even won awards along the way.

This is a fantastic achievement considering how young and relatively inexperienced he is, but let’s face it, his passion for all things wildlife was probably written in the stars.

What’s more, the 13-year-old aspiring professional photographer looks uncannily like his father. In a pair of khaki shorts paired with a matching shirt, you’d struggle to tell the two apart. Or at least I’m sure that will be the case when he’s a little older.

There’s no denying that this kid has ambition and talent in spades, and hopefully he’ll continue taking snaps of animals in years to come. I’d also love to see him and his sister do some collaborative work together one day, and keep the passion in the family! To see more of Robert’s work, follow him on his Instagram page, robertirwinphotography.

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