What It Really Means When You Have A Sex Dream About Someone

No matter how dedicated you are to your partner, you can't avoid sex dreams. Once your head hits the pillow and your subconscious takes over, you mind will image whatever - and whoever - it likes.

It could be that sexy colleague from work who's been catching your eye recently. However, once you dream about doing all sorts of naughty things to them, it can be quite difficult to look them in the eye - especially if you've got a partner waiting for you at home.

But whether your single or in a relationship, sex dreams are going to happen whether you enjoy them or not.

Now, even from middle school, we're all taught about how teenage boys can have wet dreams if they get too excited whilst in slumber. But what we're never told about is how women can also have wet dreams. Sure, they may not be as messy, but they do happen!

The different is, men tend to have them when they're younger, whilst women have them as they get older. Women are also more likely to have them in between periods, when you're ovulating and your hormone levels lead to a surge in libido.

But why do we have them? And what do they mean?


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