Quincy Jones Apologizes For His Controversial Comments About Michael Jackson And Donald Trump

Earlier this month, legendary record producer Quincy Jones hit the headlines after he appeared to go rogue in an interview with Vulture.

In the interview, the 84-year-old, who has worked with music icons such as Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, shockingly claimed that he knew who’d killed John F. Kennedy, that Michael Jackson “stole a lot of songs” and that he’d dated Ivanka Trump despite a 48-year age gap.

Jones’ candid approach to answering each question landed the 79-time Grammy-nominated music producer in hot water, especially after he declared that Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery obsession was the result of being “abused” by his father.

How NOT to behave during an interview:

It could have been a lot worse for the Chicago-born star who managed to avoid answering a particularly pointed question about his friends, Bill and Hillary Clinton. “This is something else I shouldn’t be talking about,” he said as the interviewer asked him to divulge more information on Hillary’s “secrets”.

“I know too much, man,” Jones said at one point, prompting the interviewer to ask him to name something he wished he didn’t know. “Who killed Kennedy,” Jones matter-of-factly responded before going on to claim that the president was assassinated by Chicago mobster Sam Giancana.

Clearly not aware that he was already treading on dangerous ground, Jones went on to add that Kennedy’s father, Joe (“a bad man”) asked Frank Sinatra to use his “Mafia” connections to help Kennedy win votes in Illinois.

As if this wasn’t enough, Jones then went on to slam Jimi Hendrix’s iconic performance of the American national anthem at Woodstock in 1969, whilst calling The Beatles – arguably the most successful bands of all time – “the worst musicians in the world.”

In addition, he spewed a lot of hatred towards Donald Trump. “I used to hang out with him. He’s a crazy motherf*cker. Limited mentally — a megalomaniac, narcissistic. I can’t stand him,” he said, before adding: “He’s a f*cking idiot.”

Unsurprisingly all of these controversial comments hit the headlines and Jones was vilified for his openness. Now, as the scandal has begun to subside, Jones has come forward to apologize.

“A couple weekends ago, my six daughters (who I am beyond proud of) took me aside to do a surprise ‘family intervention’ because of some silly things I’ve said in two recent interviews,” he wrote on his Twitter page, adding: “I have LEARNED MY LESSON.”

“When you live a public life, you have a responsibility to be an example, & since I do lead a public life, I wanted to make a public apology,” Jones continued. “I’m sorry to anyone whom my words offended.”

He concluded the post by typing: “I encourage you all to please grow with me & keep on keepin’ on. Love, an 85-year-old bow-legged man who is still learning from his mistakes.”

What do you think?

Did Jones go too far, or is he allowed a certain level of candor given his incredible career? As a humanitarian who works to try and end racism, homophobia, inequality and poverty, Jones isn’t a bad man. I think we can let this one slide – but his daughters were right to stage an intervention as it would be awful for Jone’s legacy to be tarnished by his “wordvomit”!

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