Professional Billiards Game Is Interrupted By A MASSIVE Fart From Someone In The Audience

For some televised sports or games, it is typical and pretty much expected for crowds to be rowdy and erupt into either cheers or boos when the side that they support is either winning or losing.

But during a game of, say, professional billiards, it is expected that the audience remain reasonably quiet.

However, recently a video has emerged from a game played on May 3, 2013, in which someone in the audience has made a loud noise resembling a fart.

The video which has resurfaced and once again gone viral begins with Judd Trump (who is playing against Ronnie O’Sullivan) chalking his pool cue.

He then lowers his position at the pool table before taking his shot. He concentrates conscientiously on the game but before he even attempts to hit the cue ball, an incredibly loud fart noise is made.

Everyone is immediately distracted by the unexpected interruption including the commentators.

“A little bit of noise in the crowd there,” one of the commentators explains. “I don’t know what that sounded like. It sounded a bit strange.”

Naturally, the audience becomes increasingly excited and is promptly told to “settle down now please”.

And at that moment, Ronnie O’Sullivan can be seen smiling while looking up at the commentator box, clearly wondering what they’re saying about the alleged fart.

“Maybe there’s someone not feeling too well,” the commentator suggests before Trump is finally able to take his shot.

Take a look at the hilariously inappropriate moment in all its glory in the video below:

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