Doctors Believed 11-Year-Old Was Pregnant, Until They Discovered The Truth About Her Bump

Ovarian cancer typically occurs in women who are above the age of 40, but sadly, some women are unlucky enough to develop it earlier in life. Last year, a girl of 16 was diagnosed and she was thought to be the youngest ever person to develop the disease.

However, Cherish-Rose is proof that ovarian cancer can happen even earlier in life.

The 11-year-old had aggressive germ-cell cancer which, according to her mother, resulted in her being in a lot of pain in the two months leading up to her diagnosis. She said that Cherish-Rose's once bubbly personality suddenly changed.

"This morning she was bright and smiling but right now she is very down," Ms. Lavelle told the Daily Mail Australia. "She's not feeling great."

"It's going to be a long journey," she continued.

Ms. Lavelle revealed that she had initially worried that Cherish-Rose was suffering from an eating disorder.

"This is something I want parents to be aware of as I thought she was suffering an eating disorder from being bullied for being overweight," she said, in reference to the 11-year-old's stomach.

"She suddenly lost 14-15kg and I started to demand food into her because I was frightened and then when the pain started in her belly and back I was clueless."

As a result of her shocking diagnosis, Cherish-Rose will be spending the next few months of her life in hospital having chemotherapy and surgery to remove the 10kg mass from her ovaries. Thankfully, the prognosis for her recovery is good.

"Now I've been told that it is curable I am so relieved," Ms. Lavelle said. "Now my life has changed nothing else matters at all."

While there is no denying that Cherish-Rose's story is shocking, a girl even younger than she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.


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