The Most Popular Safe Words For Sex Are Worse Than You Could Ever Have Imagined

What you do behind closed doors in your own private time is very much your own business (unless it’s illegal, in which case it’s very much in the interest of the FBI).

Nobody can judge you if you like to spend your evenings watching documentaries on serial killers whilst completely naked, they also can’t question your morals if you put pineapple on your pizza. Why? Because it’s your own little secret.

This is also applicable to your bedroom antics. Unless you’re a fan of oversharing whilst drinking a pint at the pub, then the chances are your sexual preferences are relatively confidential. But even if you do divulge a little more than is necessary about your sex life, there is one thing that you withhold between you and your partner: your safe word.

Becuase every couple is different, there is a multitude of different words in function. From the weird to the wonderful, here are the most popular safe words used during sex according to Love Honey, who surveyed 3,000 of their customers across the UK, US and Australia…

1. Red

Throughout our lives, we have been programmed to stop when we see red. So it makes a lot of sense as to why it’d be used as a safe word. You wouldn’t run a red light so why ignore your partner?

2. Pineapple

Can you imagine anything more difficult to say than ‘pineapple’ during the heat of the moment? I guess the sight of you spluttering the name of the sweet fruit is enough to turn your partner off, which is why it’s so effective!

3. Banana

The fruit has long been a phallic symbol, due to its relatively erotic shape, but using its name as a safe word seems slightly bizarre.

4. Blue

Whether this is a reference to the word itself of the color of your skin when you’ve been hanging upside down in some extravagant sex equipment for too long is unclear.

5. Unicorn

The mythical creature is highly popular with millennials, who eat unicorn toast while wearing pastel print unicorn pajamas, so it’s hardly a surprise that it features in people’s sex life.

6. Dobby

Yes, you read that right. Dobby the House Elf’s name is rather disrespectfully being shouted in bedrooms around the world. Do they not know he died? Some people have no respect.

7. Donald Trump

Whether this was inputted as a joke or not, it’s still incredibly alarming. What sort of wrong’un could enjoy sex whilst thinking of that puffy orange monster?

8. Betty Boop

Are these people okay? What on Earth possessed them to select such peculiar safe words? Also, I know a few guys who have Betty Boop as their first crush!

9. Hufflepuff

It appears that Harry Potter is a common theme in the world’s bedrooms. It could be worse, people could opt to call out Snape, Buckbeak, Whomping Willow or Professor Sprout!

10. Tinkerbell

The fictional fairy may be best friends with the Lost Boys, but she is also a friend of frisky couples around the world!

11. Filibuster

A filibuster, for those who aren’t aware, is a political procedure. I won’t bore you with the details, but from that short description, you can understand why it’s someone’s safe word. Zzzz.

12. Trabeculectomy

A trabeculectomy is a surgical procedure on one’s eye, making it possibly the grossest word you could possibly use during the throws of passion.

13. Michael Jackson

I can’t decide if it’s more disrespectful to use a dead person’s name or that of someone who is alive as your safe word. One thing is for sure, Michael Jackson would fully encourage you to Beat It (consensually)!

14. Vanilla

It’s ironic that many couples choose to use ‘vanilla’ as their safe word whilst getting very experimental in the bedroom.

15. Justin Bieber

Is this somebody’s attempt at humor? Or, is this what teenagers who dabble in kinky sexual activities find relevant today? Who knows!

We will likely never know why couples have chosen to use these words, but it’s great to see that they’re being actively used, as after all, it’s best to keep it consensual – be safe, be smart!

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