Police Officer Fired For Refusing To Shoot Young Black Man Wins Huge Payout In Lawsuit

Mader is a Marine veteran who had served in Afghanistan, and he wanted to use the training he received in the armed forces to pacify the young man.

While Mader attempted to get Williams to put down the gun, two other police officers arrived, and when Williams then raised his gun, he was immediately shot and killed by one of the two officers.

Williams' gun was later discovered to be unloaded.

An investigation into the incident found the fatal shooting was justified, and 10 days after, on June 7, 2016, Mader was fired by the Weirton Police Department. Part of the termination letter read: “The unfortunate reality of police work is that making any decision is better than making no decision at all.”

Nearly a year later in May 2017, Mader filed the lawsuit which claimed he was fired due to "failure to meet probationary standards of an officer" and "apparent difficulties in critical incident reasoning."

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, the Weirton Police Department argued that Mader was actually fired for two incidents prior to the incident in question.


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