Pictures Have Emerged of Disney World Florida After It Survived Hurricane Irma

Disney World was battered by strong winds and heavy rain and suffered power cuts during the hurricane. Thankfully, however, it escaped the worst of Irma's wrath. The worst of the damage done to the park was to its many trees and signs. Still, it's a huge difference from the oh-so merry place we're used to seeing...

However, not all of the park's rides escaped unscathed, and many will require repairs before they are reopened. The 'Jungle Cruise' will reportedly be out for action for some time, as well as The Walt Disney World railroad and Tom Sawyer’s Island.

Disney World is a magical place, and it hasn't taken the cast members long to get the majority of the park up and running again. Whilst guests stayed in its hotel during the hurricane, the park didn't officially reopen until yesterday.

The waterparks in Disney remain shut, but they are expected to reopen later this week.

The only part of the park which appears to have been damaged irrevocably were transformers which exploded during the storm.

Those who visited the park yesterday were able to enjoy much shorter waiting times for its iconic rides. Visitor numbers will likely increase over the coming days. Because Florida's weather is unpredictable at the best of times, many of the park's attractions are indoors, which meant that the damage was nowhere near as bad as it could have been.

Now downgraded to a tropical storm, the end of Hurricane Irma is in sight. However, the clean-up operation not only in Florida but elsewhere in the US and Caribbean will take years to complete. Irma has caused an estimated $300 billion worth of damages.

We wish all the best to those affected by this terrible natural disaster.

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